Anjelica Hill is a graduate of Hampton University and is a huge advocate of youth empowerment, especially young women. She discovered a love for traveling at a young age and as a result learned a lot about herself, the world, and the people that she encountered from her travels. The experiences were immeasurable and helped shape the woman that she is today. Anjelica strongly believes that all young women should be afforded those same life changing experiences as they are character builders; which led her to start a traveling group for young ladies called, "Cultured By Travel." In keeping with her interest of women empowerment, Anjelica recently created a website entitled, "Women On The Grind," a platform dedicated to connecting, highlighting, and uplifiting women who have made great progress and have had some amazing accomplishments in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. For some entrepreneurial advice or just to learn more about these amazing women and their stories, check out the website.


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